10/17/16: John Geer, Political Science Chair, Vanderbilt University

“Making Some Sense of the 2016 Presidential Election”

The 2016 presidential campaign has been unconventional on many fronts. But there are important and predictable features of this contest. By focusing on these key structural features, we can move past the 24/7 news coverage that focuses on the day to day machinations of the campaign and, instead, we can work toward a better understanding of what is driving this battle for the White House.

John G. Geer is currently Vice Provost of Academic and Strategic Affairs. Geer earned his PhD from Princeton University (1986), securing his BA from Franklin and Marshall College (1980). Geer has published 5 books and over 20 articles on presidential politics and elections, and recently served as Editor of The Journal of Politics (2005-2009). His most recent book is In Defense of Negativity: Attacks Ads in Presidential Campaigns published by the University of Chicago Press, which won the Goldsmith Book prize from Harvard University (2008). He has provided extensive commentary in the news media on politics, including live nationwide interviews for FOX, CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, and NPR. Geer has also written op-ed pieces for Politico, The Washington Post, LA Times, USA Today, and Chicago Tribune.