12/03/2018: Governor Bill Haslam

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has often referred to his job as “being like a runner in a relay race, where one person hands the baton to another, and you do your best, then hand the baton to someone else.” As Gov. Haslam prepares to hand thebaton to Gov.-elect Lee, he will take a reflective look back at the past eight years, how the policies and programs put in place are helping Tennessee lead in jobs, education and effective and efficient government, and discuss the challenges still facing the state.

On November 4, 2014, Bill Haslam was re-elected Tennessee’s governorwith the largest victory in modern Tennessee history. He and his wife, Crissy, a native of Memphis, have been married for 36 years and are blessed with three children and eight grandchildren. For more than three decades they have been members of Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Knoxville where Bill serves as an elder.