1/30/17: Mayor Megan Barry, “Visions of Nashville’s Future”

As Nashville continues to se an unprecedented level of growth, Mayor Barry will discuss her vision for how we can continue building on our economic success while establishing policies and making investments that will ensure our growth is equitable and sustainable.

Her election in September 2015 as the seventh Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, represents a historic milestone as the first female mayor of Nashville.

Mayor Barry also holds the distinction of being the first Metro Council member to ascend to the office of mayor.

Professionally, Mayor Barry has almost two decades of experience as a corporate executive, including several years developing and managing ethics programs for a global telecommunications firm, and most recently in the role of ethics and compliance officer for Premier, Inc., a health care company. She has also worked as an independent consultant to firms on issues dealing with business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Another first for Mayor Barry, she is also the first mayor in our city’s history who is also a member of the Rotary Club of Nashville.