7/16/18: Revitalizing Historic Jefferson St from Urban Removal to Urban Renewal

Panel Discussion with Moderator Jerry Maynard, President, The Maynard Group

  • Bob Bernstein, Founder / Owner, Bongo Productions
  • Sharon Hurt, Director, Jefferson United Merchants Partnership and Metro Council Member at Large
  • DJ Wootson, Principal at Titus Young Real Estate, LLC

The revitalization of the Jefferson Street neighborhood has been a discussion in Nashville since the late 1960s, when Interstate 40 cut the community in two, forcing businesses to close and roads to dead end.  Recent discussions are now focused on how to revamp and energize the community without pushing current residents and historic buildings out.  Today, Jerry Maynard, President of The Maynard Group and former member of the Metro Council, will moderate a discussion among entrepreneurs and developers Bob Bernstein, Founder/Owner of Bongo Productions, DJ Wootson, Principal at Titus Young Real Estate, and Sharon Hurt, Director of the Jefferson United Merchants Partnership.  The three are leading efforts to invest in a new and improved Jefferson Street neighborhood, combining businesses, affordable housing, and service industries.