9/18/17: Jennifer Way, Founder/CEO, The Way Solution

An organization’s ability to meet the demands of the future is dependent on the leaders’ ability to overcome challenges and meet new performance standards while protecting their culture.

Preparing your team with tools and resources to cultivate the right type of skills is half the equation, but often the type of talent required has to be brought into the organization.  Bringing in a new caliber of talent that will bring you closer to your vision often leads to its own set of challenges.  Jennifer Way, Founder/CEO, of The Way Solution, will explore how the talent in your organization affects your ability to realize your corporate vision and how you can prioritize your attention and budget to address these challenges directly.

Jennifer Way is a national speaker, author, and consultant on modern employment issues. She is the founder of Way Solutions, a consulting firm that uniquely serves both companies and individuals with strategies, tools and resources to create more productive employment relationships.