9/26/16: Tim Ozgener, President/CEO, OZ Arts Nashville

OZ Arts Nashville is only three years old, but it has already made a big impact on the local and national contemporary arts scene.

Rotary member and OZ Arts’ President/CEO Tim Ozgener will share what it is like to go from running a multi-million dollar, global cigar business to co-founding and operating a new contemporary arts center out of a converted warehouse in West Nashville. We will learn about the personal and business inspirations behind starting this arts nonprofit, what places like OZ Arts have done for other cities, and share a few statistics about the industry’s importance in other markets — and what we might expect here in Nashville.

Season four for OZ Arts just began this month, and as to be expected, it is packed with unique, brave and engaging arts presentations. Known for presenting “Brave New Art,” OZ Arts might be presenting its most adventurous art work to date — an interactive, site-responsive experience called “Since I Suppose” which will take place in several venues in Downtown Nashville. Theater participants/audience members will be led through the experience by using a smart-phone like device. (Think “Pokemon Go! for adults who love theater, Shakespeare and new experiences.) OZ Arts Artistic Director Lauren Snelling will describe unusual dramatic presentation and what it means to Nashvillians.