05/13/19: Dr. Shawn Joseph, President, Joseph and Associates

In this talk, Dr. Shawn Joseph, Former Director of Metro Nashville Public Schools, will share this thoughts on the current state of urban education in America and what is needed from cities to move an urban school district forward for all children.

During his 20 year career, Dr. Shawn Joseph has served as a teacher, principal, district administrator, deputy superintendent and superintendent.   He has won numerous awards for his work and service, including Ambassador Andrew Young Certificate of Distinguished Services (2016), American Educational Research Association’s Outstanding Dissertation Award (2010), and Middle Level Principal of the Year, Maryland Association of Secondary School Principals (2009).

In addition to publishing articles in top, peer-reviewed journals of education, Dr. Joseph published in 2012 the book, The Principal’s Guide to the First 100 Days of the School Year: Creating Instructional Momentum.  He holds three degrees from Lincoln University, Johns Hopkins University and The George Washington University.