07/18/16: 35 Years of Prosecuting Cases in Nashville

Long time Rotarian, Torry Johnson, who retired last year after 27 years as Nashville’s District Attorney, will interview his friend and deputy prosecutor, Tom Thurman, about his career.  General Thurman, who is nicknamed “The Thurmanator”, has prosecuted some of Nashville’s most famous cases: the Marcia Trimble murder case, serial killer Paul Dennis Reid, Perry March regarding the disappearance of his wife, Janet March, and the Vanderbilt rape cases.

Victor S. (Torry) Johnson III served as the elected District Attorney General for more than twenty-six years before retiring in August of 2014.  Currently, he is a Visiting Professor of Law at Belmont University.

Tom Thurman, Deputy District Attorney General, has served in Nashville for 39 years and retired July 15, 2016.