4/10/17: How Healthcare transformation in Tennessee will affect your Business

Dr. Wright Pinson and Mark Cianciolo will share their perspectives on a major shift underway today in the healthcare industry: value-based care. Hear why it matters, and what it means for your health and the health of your employees, your business and your community.

Dr. Pinson has served as Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Health System Officer for VUMC since 2009.  The system has grown by 40% during his tenure. Starting in 2011, he helped develop and organize the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network, a 57-hospital affiliated system throughout Tennessee, and is Chairman of the Board. He oversees a number of joint ventures as President of Vanderbilt Health Services. He was the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Health Affairs for Vanderbilt University from 2009-16 and recently named Deputy CEO for Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Mark Cianciolo also serves as the Executive Director of Corporate Health for Vanderbilt University to provide programs and services directly to local and regional employers.  His background includes more than 25 years of diversified experience in management and consulting positions within the health care industry.